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      Bosch Power Tools

      Bosch Power Tools and Accessories is the North American branch of the largest power tool and accessory manufacturer in the world.

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      DAP Adhesives & Caulk

      DAP Products - Caulks, Sealants, Adhesives, Repair and Floor Covering

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      DEWALT Blades & Power Tools

      DEWALT is the leader in contractor power tools including cordless drills, woodworking tools and professional power tools.

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      Hitachi Power Tools

      Hitachi Power Tools produces lighter, faster, and more durable electric, cordless and pneumatic power tools and accessories for the professional.

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      Ironclad Performance Work Gloves

      Performance work gloves for the construction, automotive, oil and gas and industrial safety industries.

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      Irwin Tools

      Hand Tools & Power Tool Accessories for Trade Professionals. Manufacturers of Vise-Grip locking pliers, Speedbor Drill Bits, Strait-line chalk reels, Marathon circular saw blades, Quick-Grip clamps, Unibit drill bits, and Hanson taps & dies.

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      Lenox Blades

      LENOX Tools develops the best reciprocating saw blades, band saw blades, and hole saws in the industry.

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      Malco Tools

      Malco Products, Inc. is the nation's leading manufacturer of “tools of the trade” for HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) professionals.

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      OSI Adhesives & Sealants

      OSI Pro-Series professional grade construction adhesives, sealants, and caulks are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the professional building trades. Contractors and Builders depend on Henkel to deliver quality construction adhesives, sealants, and caulks like QUAD Color Match Exterior Sealants, WINTeQ Window Installation products, and Green Series Low VOC Adhesives and Sealants for superior construction and remodeling results.